I’m Thad. I’m just a guy. With a beard. With a beard. DSC_5670 copy 2And a family. And a house. And the ability to write in complete sentences when I so choose. For reference, see the first two sentences in this paragraph. And the last one that references the first two.

I also pastor (with some other good folks) the weirdest group of normal people on the planet, and when we all get together we let people call us community church. I wouldn’t trade them for your weird normal people even if you threw in all of China’s tea. This is partly because I love my people and partly because what business do I have depriving all those Chinese folks of tea? I might consider an offer involving homemade banana pudding, but only on the hard days.

4 thoughts on “thad

  1. Hey Thad,

    I’ve been trying to get a hold of an old buddy of mine his name is Albert Carassco and I found your site through your reunion blogspot website!! We were in the Coast Guard together and would just like to catch up with him. I know this is a long shot but hopefully you have his contact info or at least where he worked at the time.

  2. Thad,

    I really enjoyed reading your post about human suffering and a “good” God. I’ll surely be reading more of your writings! Keep up the good work!

  3. I just found your blog or whatever you call it. The article about alcoholism hit me in the heart. My son spent 25 years as a functioning drunk before he quit. We did a professional intervention and he was ready to change. He’s been dry 2 1/2 yrs. Since my husband’s death he has lived with me and has been a joy.

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