The Year of Silence

Since I didn’t post for a (leap)year and two days, I thought I should give those 367 days – and the post commemorating them – a dramatic name. So I did.

I’ve been thinking about writing a lot lately, some of it related to this space. I still pay a few bucks a year for my little corner of the interwebs, and Jesus says your heart and treasure occupy the same real estate. I guess that means my heart is still in this, at least however much of my heart would cost a few dollars. I’ve eaten a lot of bacon and my doctor recently sent me home with my very own “Track Your Blood Pressure” pamphlet, so it’s possible that a large portion of my heart could be valued at that price. But I’m not sure how I’d ever find that out, so let’s just keep it simple. I’d like to write here more often soon. Deep, deep down in my heart.

Perhaps my three-month sabbatical will reconcile me and my desire to write more. We’ll see. Until then, enjoy this picture of a small man clinging to the legs of larger men. I always do.