Part Three is not a mythical tease…

It has never before been necessary for me to update people on when I will blog again. That doesn’t mean I’ve never done it; only that if I have, it was unnecessary. But people really are asking and, though in fewer numbers every day, apparently checking back here to see if I’ve posted Part Three of my thoughts on the Bellgate/Hellgate.

I intended to do so earlier in the week, but I’ve been busier than expected. I’m also a part of one of the world’s smallest and most misunderstood minority groups: I hate Spring.

Before you judge me, I hate Spring because it first hated me. And because it continues to hate me. In an effort to negotiate some sort of truce between my body and Spring, I have employed mass quantities of antihistamines and steroids (the kind you spray up your nose, not the kind that cause you to end up having ex-girlfriends insult your manhood in federal court). That strategy has found limited success, but it is very effective at cloudying up myy braines so that I don’t think or write so good.

I plan to take a swing at Part Three tonight. If that plan fails, watch for it sometime next week. I will spend Friday, Saturday, and Monday at the Final Four in Houston and will preach about sex to my people on my Final Four Weekend off day.

Thanks to those of you interested enough in what I’ve written so far to care about the eventual existence of Part Three. I’m looking forward to writing it and to coming back and interacting with some of the comments at some level.


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