On June 10 someone posted a comment under the name “God.” Now I don’t believe it’s impossible that the Divine creator and sustainer of all things had something to say to me (or that he reads my blog). In fact, I’d be happy to receive regular communiques from the Lord via blog comment. Not only would it most likely simplify my life, but I think I could probably parlay my story into a movie deal (or a segment on The Colbert Report at the very least). It might even motivate me to um, you know…post.

Having said that, I don’t think this one is authentic. I’ve come to that conclusion based primarily on the fact that “God” posted in the third person about himself. A great deal of my adult life has been spent deconstructing and reconstructing my understanding of and experience with God. That’s a post for another day (and/or it’s the sum of all posts previously made here). I’ve learned to be (mostly) slow to reject challenges to my matrix of belief and experience, so I’m pretty open to being corrected, changed, and even surprised when it comes to the nature and activity of the Most High. For instance, when I saw Bruce Almighty for the first time, I exclaimed, “Morgan Freeman! Of course!” That film also demonstrated in dramatic fashion that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Steve Carell, a truth the world now widely acknowledges. But I digress…

The point of all that vulnerable sharing about my spiritual transformation is to say this – as open as I am to knowing God in all kinds of previously unimagined new ways, I will not entertain the possibility that God is “talks about self in third person guy.” No way.