home anywhere…but very sporadically

In my ongoing internal debate about whether or not I can actually pull off basic upkeep of a blog in this season of life, I'm coming to terms with the reality that posting will be sporadic. I tend towards extremes in some ways, so the mere existence of this thing compels me to want to post with regularity or kill it altogether. Silly, really. So I'm going to be sporadic, and that's just that. There's nothing like accepting reality two years after it's reality.

This is one of those posts that's for me as much as for any mythical audience waiting for me to resurface. I have at least two actual posts written (and rewritten) in my head. As soon as I can find the appropriate combination of time and energy to relocate them to the written word, I'll do so here.

And I'm sorry to say to my four friends who "tagged" me, none of them will contain the number 5 in the title. It's not that I'm above these roving internet junior high games (though I suspect an objective observer could make a reasonable case that all of us over the age of 14 are above them); it's just a matter of responsibly rationing my blog time and energy. There are seasons when I lack inspiration and such a diversion might have a place. In fact, I think I broke down and did one of these 2-3 years ago (meaning if these things aren't "so 1988," they're at least "so 2005.") For now, it's not inspiration I lack – it's time for blogging. When I actually have it, I regret to report that I'd rather spend it on other ventures. But thanks. I love you all, I am not better or more mature than any of you (note: that might be hyperbole), and I'm happy to know how much I have to gain from any of you (except Kathryn who comes off a bit more stingy) becoming billionaires. If I can help you become rich in any way, please let me know.