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This is a cheap way for me to continue my recent flurry of posts, but sometimes I think it’s a shame that I’m the only one who regularly sees how random people mistakenly (more or less) fall through this trap door. So here are a few recent searches that caused folks to find this quiet corner of the interwebs…

Where+Can+I+Find+Free+Money+to+help+with+my+taxes led some poor soul to this post. It probably wasn’t what they were looking for since I was actually telling them to give more money away. Hey buddy, let me know if you find actual free money for anything anywhere.

rich+mullins+chain+smoker – a search that led both here and, I suspect, to a dead-end of disappointment for someone who was probably hoping that this is just a nasty rumor about Rich. It isn’t. Jesus, people, and nicotine. He loved ’em.

is always my favorite…proof that I don’t have the most tech savvy friends in the world since there are a few who continually find me by searching rather than using bookmarks or blog readers. Also this might be my wife.

man hair styles – This is a very tame sampling of the weird search hits I started getting when I made this post. They’re all searches through the msn image search page, and they all lead to the archive page for January 2004. Weird. There are some that are far more entertaining, but I am not interested in drawing the traffic I’d draw if I published those words here.

I don’t have a current link for this, but several times a year I still get a hit from someone searching some form of the phrase "my urine smells like butter" leading folks to no scientific help, but some level of empathy from a boy named smanny.

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  1. i know how you hate this kind of crap, but since you probably don’t have any other material for a new post, i “tagged” you with that thing my wife made me do. have fun. make us laugh. do your thing, kid.

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