First injury of note – Friday, 9:20 a.m.

I think I can be cleared of parental negligence on this one, but Aiden just shut Ella Grace’s hand in the back door. She’s fine – just some red fingers. It’s only worth mentioning for two reasons.

First, I’m paranoid about doors. I’m regularly over-disciplining my kids about playing with doors because I have weird visions of severed fingers from a slamming door. I have no idea whether any child has ever lost an appendage this way. I’ve never shaken the three-fingered hand of a grown-up and been told they were maimed in a tragic door-slamming incident as a child. Facts are irrelevant to my neurosis.

The more interesting part of the story, though, is that within about 15 seconds of Ella starting to cry, Aiden started crying because he closed the door on her hand. Within 90 seconds of that, Ella (who was not really crying anymore) was asking Aiden (who was still crying), "Are you otay Aiden?"