Some assorted miscellany, etc.

Don’t look now, it’s two posts in a week. Wait, do look now. It’s two posts in a week.

I forgot to tell you that the last post was mostly cooked up while I was driving home from a late night trip to Wal-Mart (in the rain). Those trips are very few and far between these days, but they were the source of much blogging inspiration back in the early days when I invented blogging. Remember that?

I know how this is going to sound, and I’m okay with it, but tonight I (mostly accidentally) re-read this post from a couple of years ago and concluded two things: (a) it’s really pretty good, and (b) though I think I’m a little nicer today than I was then, I still agree with almost all of it.

I have watched a disproportionate amount of basketball in the last four days. Disproportionate to what? you ask. Well, disproportionate to almost anything reasonable. It’s pretty rare for me to spend hours in front of the teevee at all, especially on consecutive days, but the madness of March remains my favorite sporting event in the world (maybe even the universe). It’s even more funner now that the Aggies get to play each year. Sadly for us, this is no longer considered a foul in college basketball:


I’ve been digging around the rule book on this one, and it turns out that the contact by the guy mauling Sloan’s shooting elbow is negated by the contact of the other dude hacking across both of Sloan’s forearms. This, technically, makes it not a foul. Either that or my cousin (a VaTech grad who got hosed on selection Sunday) is right: "It’s UCLA. You have to win by more than two."

People keep finding me on the internet, despite my pathetic
inconsistency in actually posting over the last year or so. And when I
say "people keep finding me," I don’t mean that I’m getting wildly
popular. I just mean every now and then someone I haven’t seen since I
was 12 comments or sends me an email. And it’s almost always fun to
hear from them. When it’s not fun, I either respond in incoherent
redneck speak (just to confuse them) or by asking them to join me in my
new internet marketing venture which will enable us both to make
$20,000 a month within six months. This seems to solve things for

My Dad, Britt,
and I removed a tree from my front yard yesterday. Britt did most of
the hard work, but I’m sore like an old man today. Swinging an ax does
not agree with my already partially dysfunctional shoulders. This is last because it is the least interesting paragraph in this post.

3 thoughts on “Some assorted miscellany, etc.

  1. Still…the aggies were ripped off during this game. The NCAA does not want UCLA to lose to a lower seed…one that does not have a basketball history. Rock Chalk!

  2. I emphatically disagree with the last sentence of this post. My show of unusual strength and work ethic are of utmost importance. I also contend that if you would have let Mom go inside and get the camera, you could have posted a picture highlighting my said strength and work ethic and would definitely double the number of hits on this post.
    And stop sending me the marketing venture emails. I’m not going away.

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