4 thoughts on “And while I’m featuring other people’s brilliance…

  1. this is great – it is good to see ross after all these years – but sam is great – th only downside to this video clip is that the second song sam played does not appear

  2. Neither you nor Ross know me, but I am quite a fan of Ross’s music. I do have a question, though… was this filmed at Camp Cho Yeh in Livingston? The fire place in the background looks familiar… of course, it is not that unique, so I could be way off. In any event, I enjoy your blog – especially this post. That’s all.

  3. Todd–
    welcome to the world of Thad. As his good friend and co-pastor (and because he’s busy today with a childbirth situation), i feel qualified to welcome you on his behalf.
    anyway, no that video was not at Cho-yeh.I love me some cho-yeh, and i even know what fireplace you’re thinking of. I’ve played in front of it many a time. however, this was shot at Camp Tejas in Giddings, where our church has a family/church camp every year.
    that’s all.

  4. He is great! I’m already imagining his future.
    On another note, somehow this reminded me of the video Skaggs probably still has of Ross and some numchucks. (sp?)

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