Toy worlds collide

We are spending a few days with my family (parents, brothers, and various spouses, girlfriends, and offspring) this week at my parents’ house. Yesterday Ella Grace turned two, and we had a little party for her and Jessie Rose, Will’s oldest who will also be two in a few weeks.

Eg1       Jr1

One of Aiden’s favorite parts of coming here is that my parents have saved boxes of my (and my brothers’) old toys. The second we pile out of the car, he’s headed straight for "Daddy’s toys." A few minutes ago, I looked up and saw this:


Notice the players in this scene: Luke and unmasked Darth Vader/Anakin (these are Aiden’s new toys, even though they would seem to fit in the previous generation of toys also represented here), hairless Playmobil guy with gun, Polly Pockets (one of Ella’s birthday presents), and a Fisher Price jet in the background. Apparently Polly had committed some treasonous act (being a girl, I suspect), and the others were there to haul her off to the clink.