Quick notes…

These are for the portion of our massive audience who visits here to keep up with the Norvell family in a more personal way:

  1. Please accept our apologies if you visit here to keep up with us in a more personal way. It must be a rather disappointing endeavor.
  2. There are some new pictures from this year, mostly of the kids, posted over there ←.
  3. In the off chance that you’re just that bored, you can hear some of my teaching at Community Church by clicking here. There are also instructions there for subscribing to the podcast. I know most of you are just dying to listen to me talk for 45 minutes; it’s just a significant part of what I do these days, so I thought I’d share it.
  4. I do still plan to finish my definitive series on whether or not the earth is too hot and whether or not we (Al, you, me…anybody) are really capable of doing anything about it.