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  1. exciting things about this picture:
    1) baby!
    2) baby!
    3) I just interpreted the ultrasound for the the folks studying around me! Thanks, Amy, for offering your uterus as a teaching tool. It’s beautiful.

  2. Clarifying things about Hattox’s post (and why she would be interpreting my wife’s uterus):
    1) Hattox is Laura mentioned a post or two down. She’s in the becoming stages of doctorhood.
    2) My wife didn’t offer her uterus. I just volunteered it. That’s love right there.
    3) baby! (I have to keep reminding myself it’s really happening.)

  3. WHAT? WOW! Planned? If so, Amy is my hero! If not, she’s still my hero for putting up with your annoyingly genius mind!
    I’m trying to find a blog site to post my own blogs and pics, and I found yours through another one. Strange!
    Congratulations! Ya’ll are truly blessed! Your kids are gorgeous (even this little peanut in utero!).

  4. genius post. sorry i’m late to the party on this one. i would like to point out that i have blog envy at this moment because i wanted to do this exact post a couple of months ago but was shot down by my wife.
    “if you post a picture of my uterus on the internet, you will be sorry”.

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