This one slipped by the protective forces of the DVR (and the corporate marketing dimwits)

Amy and I watch probably 90% of our television in delay. The DVR has changed everything. It’s not unusual for us to be several episodes behind on any of the handful of shows we watch. This suits me fine since I have what may be a diagnosable addiction to delayed gratification (roll that one around for a little bit). The only downside is avoiding conversations about Lost and The Office among friends.

Anyway, we also watch very few commercials, which likewise pleases me (and this time with no psychological side effects). What I have seen lately seems to indicate that corporate marketing folks these days are more Two and a Half Men than Sports Night; more Bob Saget than Ricky Gervais. It’s good to see that somebody smart apparently still squeezes into the room now and then. (There’s a video down there for those of you using a reader that doesn’t show such things.)