Reason #472 I love working from home

As I sit in my office trying to better assist the small groups of people in our community who are being the church together, I’m overhearing this conversation about 15 yards to the west…

Aiden (who is playing one of his two X-box games – the Legos version of Star Wars): OH NO! Don’t take my robots! Oh wow…Mom, I just saw Darth Vader. He’s awesome, isn’t he? Mom…isn’t Darth Vader so awesome?

Amy (laughing): Don’t you think he’s scary? He’s a bad guy.

Aiden: No he isn’t. He’s really so good. I love him. He’s awesome.

Any Jedis out there who can help me rescue my four year-old from the Dark Side?

UPDATE: Reason #473 – real time visuals



And for the record, he doesn’t play a lot of video games. It’s this and Finding Nemo for limited amounts of time during the week.

3 thoughts on “Reason #472 I love working from home

  1. At least you can say “Aiden, I’m you’re father. Join me!”
    Been a while. Hope things are well.

  2. Seems to me he’s already in pretty good hands with his present ‘warriors’ – may the Force be with you!

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