2 thoughts on “Bad news for one of my heroes

  1. it was a political rail-road. seems his work with the creation science “Discovery Institute” and publications in other “fundamentalist/conservative journals” was a bit too much for the board to take. also, he was characterized as a “religious nut”– always on about the ark of the covenant, the holy grail, and his recent obsession “st. peter’s keys” which he claims “open the kingdom of God.” Naturally, his research lead him to the brothels of Beirut where the Fulbright grant committee expressed alarm with his appropriation of funds. his constant run-ins with neo-nazis and hezbollah demonstrate that this week’s announcement of “denial of tenure” are probably the least of Dr. Jone’s concerns. He was shaken from a methadone-induced slumber in Trenton, NJ on Wednesday only to deny comment and mumble something about Karl Rove, Ted Haggart, and the IHOP grand slam breakfast menu. the announcement this week comes on the heels of terrible month of October when campus police were notified that Dr. Jones kept a loaded Luger in his briefcase – a blantant infraction of university policy concerning fire-arms. Dr. Jones was permitted to keep his 12 foot bull-whip, but was indeed denied tenure. He has been in contact with Bob Jones University in South Carolina. No further details available at this time.
    nice post thad.

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