I’m older than her.

I'm older than her.
Today Sarah Kate turns 4. I turn 27 years more than Sarah Kate. Somewhere my mother-in-law turns more than both of us.

P.S. Sarah Kate is the youngest daughter of our friends Scot (also one of my co-pastors) and Ashley.

P.P.S. This is the first post direct from my Treo 700. I’m mobile now. My wife is scared.

5 thoughts on “I’m older than her.

  1. Nice picture. If I was tech savvy enough to cut everything out of the picture but you I could have a real good time with that one.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I would just like to comment on the Matt Kearney album you’re hyping on the immediate right. I have not heard this recording, but I did see the man live not a quarter mile from my front door.
    I can’t tell you how miserably bad this guy was. It was one of those things that made me embarrassed to watch, as if somebody was going to walk up and accuse me of patronizing his lump of glued-together musical poo. Had they done so, I’d have apologized profusely, without hesitation. So what gives with hyping his junk?
    Also, thank you for hyping Gabe’s juice. Gabe actually opened for Matt, who was opening for another GenY performer you’d recognize but I can’t remember. Neither of them could’ve tended Gabe’s jock, as we say on the basketball (field).

  3. Since I wasn’t in Cinci with you to witness/hear what you witnessed/heard, I cannot comment on that experience. I can only say that you’re the first person I’ve encountered with something bad to say about the guy and his music (not to imply that you’re the only one alive – just the first that I’ve encountered), and I know several musician types like you who like him quite a good bit (and a lot). You can listen to the album and compare/contrast it with your personal experience or not. That’s all I know to tell you.

  4. Fair enough. His record might be great. I just had to rant because my experience told me to Not Like Him.

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