Semi-annual sports post

I have kindly titled this post in such a way as to free those of you without an interest in sports from having to invest another three seconds of your life in the following self-indulgent exercise.

For the first time in many, many years, the Aggie basketball team has not only been selected for the NCAA tournament, but has won a tournament game — against a recent national champ and a team the national media was fawning over, no less. I like this. It makes me happy. Last week all anyone could talk about was the legendary coach from upstate New York and his critic-defying wonderboy. Then came Thursday night when this guy…


…made everyone’s favorite f-bombing, coed marrying coach and his unstoppable star from northeastern PA look like this…


…and this…

Gmac .

Sadly, the Red River land thieves and Dr. Jayhawk’s boys couldn’t hold up their end of the deal for the Big 12.

If we can dispatch the crazy cajuns and set ourselves up for a game against Duke, I’ll be giving you all the chance to pool your money to send me to Atlanta next weekend. Save those pennies…

2 thoughts on “Semi-annual sports post

  1. Well, it is another year and another first round loss. Go Aggies! How long to “Late Night” with Bill Self?

  2. So close, oh so close to beating those crazy bayou bengals! Must’ve had a little gulf breeze helping that last second shot on its way.

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