I gotsa get me one of them camera phones

My days are filled with bloggable moments (oddly, the official spell checker of the typepad blogging service does not recognize "bloggable" as a real word). You never see most of them because I either forget them by the time I’m in front of the computer or it’s simply impossible to do the scene justice with words alone. I decided today that if I had one of those fancy phones that take snapshots that all the kiddies are carrying, it would revolutionize my blogging. For instance, today’s gem:

After putting one gallon of gas in my car (so I could make it through a few errands and to the place on the other side of town where I can get gas for six cents a gallon less), I found myself behind a lady in a truck at a red light. She had one of those classy plastic frames around her rear license plate that read:


DSA 541

It’s HELL without Him!!

There were people literally flocking to her truck to kneel before the license plate and repent of their sins. But that’s not actually the punchline. Just to left of this creative improvement of what the Bible actually says was a bumper sticker featuring an American flag next to an Israeli flag with a heart in the middle overlapping both, accompanied by the message "You are not alone."

Oy vey.

Today’s home anywhere challenge is: Find the six layers of irony in the bumper region of pickup lady’s truck.

So, for the twelve of you who continually bemoan the fact that I don’t post often enough, just imagine how much better this post would have been with a visual. Pool your cash and buy me one of those Polaroid phones, and I predict you’ll get more of me than you can handle here.

2 thoughts on “I gotsa get me one of them camera phones

  1. That is funny. When I was in Israel two summers ago with my dad, people were selling t-shirts that had a F-16 in the middle of heart with US and Israeli flags on both sides that said: “Don’t worry America, Israel will protect you.” I thought is was funny considering we sold them F-16s. At some point, you must post your 6 layers…I have 3 right now.

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