On posting with(out) malice

In case there’s any confusion from the last post (and others like it), I don’t wish any ill will toward ladies whose sense of personal style causes me to shake my head. They just cause me to shake (and often turn – the other way) my head. I know this whole fashion thing is tricky for lots of folks, and I know my general lack of concern about anything fashion-related beyond trying not to look like a 30-year old guy who shops at Sears probably means I’m ill-qualified to even participate in a discussion of the matter. But those rules don’t apply on my blog. That’s just the way it goes here. And, if I can be serious for one or two sentences, I think in many cases this is but one of many symptoms of real issues of identity and the spirit. Dressing someone better doesn’t make their soul better. But I’ve got to fill this space with something, right?

As soon as I finished typing that paragraph, I got an email from the folks at J.Crew. Which one of you weenies did that?

Also, I actually do wish some amount of ill will toward CapitalOne, both for their incredibly annoying commercials featuring David Spade (the man who, in my generation, has most effectively parlayed smarmy into millions) and for trying to steal my money. I had to get my bank to take the money back from them to get anything done. Beware.