6 thoughts on “A little Dave Barry

  1. I take it Dave’s Mom wasn’t tossed aobut by every wind of parenting thought in her culture- nice. I know a guy named Nate whose mom would do the same thing as Dave’s- She’s my baby momma.

  2. Oh come on Thad. Now instead of writing your own blogs ya just refer us to someone else? We tune in to your thoughts, musings, and other wise sideways guidance. You act like you have a real job and family or something to occupy your time.

  3. Hi all,
    I never really get involved with issues like calling, emailing, etc, but I have decided to on this issue. Please go to http://www.terrisfight.org/ to see what you can do to help Jeb Bush (or anybody at this point) stop the removal of her feeding tube. A few days ago I agreed with the judge who would was allowing the tube removed. However, that changed yesterday when I was listening to some Christian radio station’s program about the case (for those who know me…I know that is weird). The arguments on the show were persuasive.
    I know we disagree on some large issues, but at the core we the “Thaddus bloggers” all believe in family, justice, and love. Maybe for different reasons, maybe not. The point is that if we can join together (conservatives and reglious conservatives) we can make some serious changes. Sorry of the small rant, but this Terry thing has really pissed me off.

  4. Um, Thad…once again, you’ve left us with nothing to talk about. How long, oh Thad, will you forget us? Give us a new post, buddy!!!

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