That’s what the underside of my coke bottle cap said to me — all obnoxious and all caps-ed and stuff. And here I’d been drinking this coke for almost two hours with no idea I was playing anything at all.

So hey coke bottle cap: STOP YELLING AT ME! I have a problem with authority, and your pushiness and cryptic game-playing innuendo will not help your cause. In fact, it’s back to Dr. Pepper for the rest of the week for me.

24 thoughts on “DRINK COKE PLAY AGAIN

  1. I HATE when products I’ve ALREADY BOUGHT AND AM CONSUMING NOW give me an advertisement on them. When do I earn the right to NOT be pestered to give you my money? Answer: never.
    I also hate it when announcements like the one you ran into clue me into the fact that “oh, there’s some sort of contest going on here that I’m supposed to get competitive about or something, but I have no idea it’s going on… this happens on everything from M&Ms to Smoothie King cups. People, just let me consume the product and leave me be. Please.

  2. Looks like someone doesn’t stand a chance in the upcoming soft drink march madness challenge!

  3. Thad, it’s okay, the bottle cap can’t tell you what to do 8^). I drink Coke because I like the taste. Nothing more, nothing less. I actually don’t drink it much. It’s expensive and excessive consumption can make you chubby. When I do drink it, I seem to enjoy it much more than I used to. I’m big enough to not let someone, or something to influence me because it’s “cool”. Just drink your beverage of choice and don’t worry about the bottle cap, unless it says “$1,000,000”. You might want to look into that ;^)

  4. I bought 2 drinks yesterday: one for my wife and the other for myself. One cap gave me the code for a free song on itunes, the other a free rental at Blockbuster. Guess we know who the winner Norvell is.
    You’re jealous. You say I’m just livin too much in ’82.

  5. and what about the “odds of winning”? why is it that the odds of winning are about as slim as getting elbow cancer? and yet….by the time I’m 40 like three friends will have elbow cancer (removed successfully, I might add, praise the Lord)
    sure, you might get a crap prize like more cola or a free movie rental, but what about the mother load prizes? cars? $25K? has anyone EVER known someone who won the big ticket prize? not me
    thanks for nothing corporate America — you and your fine print can go straight to hell!
    I do like a free iTune download, however, corporate America, if you’re out there, I’m sorry

  6. What are you trying to do, put my dad on unemployment? Don’t be dissin’ daddy’s bid’ness! Besides, who said they were “yelling” at you? Perhaps the friendly people at Coca-Cola were just trying to be…encouraging! Take each word for what it could mean by itself…
    “DRINK” in other words, drink in life…and while you’re at it drink a…
    “COKE” yeah, Coke tastes good so why not drink one of those!
    “PLAY”…life is short so live it now, play, be a child at heart (like the Good Book says!), go play with your kids …after you buy them and everyone else in your family a Coke!
    “AGAIN” …heck, if something as amazing and simply enjoyable in life such as living and loving with your childlike heart and playing with your kids as you all guzzle down gallons upon gallons of Coca-Cola can be repeated, then darn it all, do it AGAIN!…because life is short after all and soon you’re gonna die. The end.
    See, you don’t have to be a Negative Nelly all the time! As the mostly sacrilgious Monty Python film puts it, “Always look on the bright side of life…”
    your pal,
    Orange Julius
    Sponsored by Coca-Cola Industries

  7. That is why I am a pround drinker of Sam’s Choice (a 2-liter for 58 cents and none of the hassle). Next time you order a drink, order a rum and Sam’s Choice Cola.

  8. Stevie, you are a party pooper indeed. Go clenase yourself with the essence of herbs and be nice, darn it!

  9. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t let it go. My friends’ blogs are all becoming tainted by would-be humorists. I’m sure that makes me mean or something. I’m going to go eat some garlic now. Actually, did you know that okra is an herb?
    I thank you Chase.

  10. Aw, man! It was funny. Give the faker some credit. I had a faker on mine and I totally believed it until the faker couldn’t take it anymore and told me. I didn’t tell anyone else, so they were all faked out too.
    Anyway, the “clenased” thing was funny enough to detract from the faker.

  11. Okra is the new Feta Cheese.
    You’re thinking of CILANTRO, which is the new rosemary.

  12. This has nothing to do with madness! It has a LOT to do with Okra- Have you not heard…it’s the new Feta Cheese, Thad!

  13. All these responses about coke and no comment about aspertame? Thad, your blog must be on one of the bad internets.

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