With apologies to my cousin Dan and all of the little people this hurts (minimum wage arena workers, folks on the assembly line at the puck factory, false tooth makers, and barbers specializing in mullet maintenance), this doesn’t make me sad. At all.

4 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Yeth, well- I cannot say that it saddens me either. It doesn’t make me quite as happy as watching a clip of smoeone falling while they are Ice Dancing, but it by no means saddens me either.
    Yes, because I love ladies in my family I do rarely watch Ice Dancing- You never know when some one is going to fall!

  2. Couldn’t care less. Don’t know anybody who does. All this will mean is that, when people in Minnesota and Wisconsin are drinking beer, they’ll be watching basketball instead. No great loss.

  3. Don’t forget glass eye makers, which my cousin required the services of many years ago as a result of playing hockey in college.

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