How people get trapped in this little cul-de-sac

I’ve never done this before, but here’s a list of some of the internet searches that have led (or misled) people to our little blogorhood in the last few weeks:

  • thad norvell blog – Here I am. Pretty disappointing, huh?
  • proper form for layup – I’m definitely the wrong guy for that. Just ask my 8th grade teammates (some of whom actually lurk around here).
  • listeater.jpg – …not sure you want to see that.
  • urine that smells like bacon – I’m not kidding. In fact, our urologically-warped friend Smanny has made me the number one return for this phrase on at least one search engine. Scary.
  • thad norvell home anywhere – Still here. I’m impressed you remembered the name of the place.
  • when is stevie brock’s birthday? – Sorry, no idea. I don’t even know who Stevie Brock is. In fact, I have no idea how you got here looking for Stevie. But tell him happy birthday for me.
  • dangers of laptops – Off the lap, boys. Or is it off the boys, boys?
  • oldman in the old folks home – Thirty is right around the corner, but not yet.
  • —– ——‘s girlfriend – Those blanks represent the name of one of my friends. I’m not going to post his name because he’s married and it just looks bad to have people searching the internet for your girlfriend when you’re married. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, for the record. Or so he says. [Quit counting blanks, weirdo. They are not proportional to the actual name.]
  • thad norvell blog (again) – Still here.
  • Charlie Peacock 2005 – I once sat next to him in church, but I still haven’t finished his book. Maybe this search is a suggestion: Thad, 2005 is the year to read Charlie’s book. I’ll read it soon. No, really. I will. Quit googling me your judgments on my current lapse in reading discipline.
  • Various other listeater queries – I never knew my site traffic would benefit so much from this little piece of Aggie lore. Thanks, listeater.
  • urine "smells like butter" – Dear sad people with odd-smelling urine disorders: I cannot help you. I have my own bladder issues to contend with. I can’t solve everyone else’s. Go see a doctor.
  • Chevy Chase autographs – He should have retired after Christmas Vacation.
  • Carmelo Anthony signing autographs – No, that was just me posing as a game show host at Wal Mart. Perhaps my layup form fooled you.
  • classic essays online e. b. white – Read as many as you can find. If you think he’s just the guy who wrote Charlotte’s Web, you’re like the people who think Lyle Lovett is just the really weird looking country guy who was once married to Julia Roberts. Swim toward the deep end.
  • thad norvell blog – Bookmarks, people. If you’re managing to turn your computer on often enough to search me out like this, learning to bookmark web pages is a natural next step in computer literacy. Consult the nearest third grader to learn this skill.

More to come, I assume. It’s too bad I didn’t start keeping track when I was getting major hits from people searching out pimps and such.

3 thoughts on “How people get trapped in this little cul-de-sac

  1. All I know is that sometimes my urine smells like bacon. There are other times when my urine smells like butter. Then there are other times, private times… lonely times when, because of asparagus, my urine smells like a fart.
    That is so, so perverse. God save me from myself. And my smelly urine!

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