3 thoughts on “Talk about evil-doers

  1. Google Search says…
    Gesture: Upthrusted thumb
    Location: Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria and parts of Italy and Greece
    Contrary to popular belief- the thumbs up gesture did not spare a gladiator’s life in Ancient Rome. A plebeian’s pointed thumb or pollice verso (whether the thumb was pointed up, down, or somewhere in between we don’t know) meant the combatant was to be slain. A HIDDEN thumb, folded out of sight, or the pollice compresso meant he was to be spared. The famous scene in “Spartacus”, where the Emperor signals a warriors life would be spared by the upturned thumb, was flawed by mistranslation through the ages.
    In much of the world today, the thumbs up means, “O.K.”, “Right On!”, or “I like this movie, Gene… uh… Gene?” But in Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria and parts of Italy and Greece it is an obscene insult, especially when combined with a sweep of the arms. It most places it roughly means, “Sit on my phallus, a-hole,” and carries the same stigmatism as the middle finger. In southern Sardinia, where this gestures is noted for being particularly obscene, a hitchhiker would be well advised not to wave his thumb in the air expecting a car to pick him up, or he may find himself under the wheels of a large truck.

  2. Perfect. This from a bona fide Crusader. What do you guys do, simulate the slitting of women and children’s throats with your hand? Or is there some kind of hand gesture for burning people alive? Here’s an idea — put on some of your Crusader garb and head to Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Sardinia. I’ll go with you and stand next to you with my thumb in the air. We’ll see who lives the longest.
    And you’re officially on record as a ‘horn sympathizer.

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