Babies, storks, and the dangers of laptops

There seems to be some legitimate confusion about my last post. In case anyone still doesn’t get it, that’s the latest addition to our family, about 6.5 weeks old. We anticipate an external arrival in late July, and we are very excited.

In other news, one of our regulars is a new pop. Todd and his wife Sara (college friends) welcomed their son Walker to the world this past Saturday. Congratulations to all three of you.

I remain amazed at the stunning and overwhelming gift of life in all its varied manifestations. We are surrounded by so many who are having/adopting/praying for/raising children, and it has yet to get old or uninteresting or unremarkable.

Speaking of conception and related matters, male laptop users beware. The good news is I am a regular laptop user and…well, let’s just say I’ve apparently managed to dodge this one. I will, however, be a little more conscious of positioning after reading this.