It would go here

Last night as I was going to sleep I thought of something really funny to post. It was funny enough that I started laughing just laying there thinking about it in the dark silence of our bedroom. I debated getting up to make myself a note so I didn’t forget, but the delicate balance of cognitive and physical stimulation and sleep initiation was enough to deter me. Instead, I made an effort to make a reliable mental note of the funny thing so I could share it with you today. Unfortunately, the aforementioned delicate balance also caused me to limit the amount of cognition invested in the mental note. Too much thought and memory etching and I could be vomited back into a state of wide-eyed insomnia. I chose much needed sleep over maximum funny blog memory effort. Ultimately, you’re paying for my choice. Sadly, I can’t remember what was so funny last night. If I could, it would go here. And you would laugh. And laugh and laugh.

Instead, here’s something funny: One of the two ladies I share an office with started listening to music on headphones at her desk yesterday. It’s mostly black gospel, which I know in part because I’ve heard it without the headphones and in part because she sings a random word or phrase loudly every few minutes. We’ll all be quietly working away at our desks, when out of nowhere Brenda will, with much more volume than she intends, give us a semi-melodic, "Jeeeesus!" A few minutes later we’ll get, "Mmmm…mmmm…wohh-oh-oh-oh!!" If she were listening to her music out loud, this would not be nearly so funny. However, the fact that her very enthusiastic and involved outbursts pierce the otherwise musically-deprived void of sound for those of us in the office make them very humorous.

So I know it’s not really funny for you, but it is for me, and I’m hoping that typing about funny things will help me remember the funny thing I forgot. It’s not working so far. I have to work.

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