Order restored to universe

After nearly a decade of cosmic confusion and disorder, the Chaos Period drew to a close today. The inversion of rule and exception has been diagnosed and, in all likelihood, cured. So it is. So it shall be.


11 thoughts on “Order restored to universe

  1. Even the #3 school in Texas can beat the #2 on occasion.
    PS: I know TAMU is really 2 and TTU is 3. Don’t email me!

  2. Dr. J is, thankfully, the exception to the rule. He also holds the distinction of being an alumnus of the two schools whose teams are led by odd former OU offensive coordinators – Lumpy and The Lump.

  3. And Chad, Baylor beating us once every two decades does not make them the #1 school in Texas. Based on your suggested pecking order, I can only assume you’ve given them the honorary, temporary top spot. Either that or you’re making one of those “OU – Texas state champs” jokes.

  4. Thad,
    Certainly OU has Texas’s best players just as sure as Jason White might be the best guy on their coaching staff aside from Bobby S. But please, until your post Thanksgiving dream comes to fruition- Pot Smokin’ Cedric still plays for the best team. Don’t get me wrong- Tech is a lot more crappy than the ATM machine!

  5. Sure, sure. Where does Lamar rank in this list?
    Some footnotes for your thesis:
    And, just because it’s so easy…

  6. I always think that photo of Bebo on the right side of the page looks like a clean-chinned Thad.
    No. I do.

  7. I apparently have the “folk/pop CCM” face, which I suppose is some sort of ironic curse designed to keep me humble. You aren’t the first to make the Bebo comparison, and about one out of every twenty times I’m wearing a hat and my glasses someone says, “Hey, you look just like the lead singer of Caedmon’s Call.” That all reminds me that I need to change my cd list over there. The new Bebo record never grew on me. Right now I’m listening to Richard Marx. No, really.
    Anyway, at least I don’t look like a wife/baby killer like someone whose name I won’t mention in this sentence. (CHASE!)

  8. Yeah, I got a second “Scott” calling the other day. So I look like the guy. He guilty. That’s all I got to say. The peeps have spoken…He guilty

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