My own private welfare state

I’ve been taking a lot of handouts lately. As of tomorrow afternoon, I will have attended the following three events without having spent a penny on any of them:

  • Saturday, November 6: OU 42  Texas A&M 35 – Despite the loss, one of my top 3 experiences at Kyle field. Maybe the loudest and most raucous game I’ve experienced there, and I’m suffering from at least 15% hearing loss from a couple of particularly loud games in the mid-90’s. Thanks to the local sports radio station for pulling my name out of a box and giving me free tickets to this one.
  • Thursday, November 11: Lyle. If the Aggie game was my baptism back into Aggieland, an evening with Lyle was my baptism back into Texas. Lyle is Texas music and culture in a $2,000 suit; somehow simultaneously folksy and sophisticated. His large band was in ultra cosmic form, and the predictable excellence was capped off with a six song gospel set driven by a black gospel group who had a little chuch up in ‘ere. It was, as the kids say, off da hook. Thanks to my cousin David for unexpectedly dropping these tickets on us two hours before show time (and my cousin John and his wife for canceling to our great fortune).
  • Saturday, November 13: Texas Tech at Texas A&M. Commentary withheld out of respect for several readers and pending further developments. Thanks to Todd for hooking me up with these, and to his brother-in-law Brad for being so generous with his tickets.

We weren’t having any doubts about our move here, but little "welcome home" gifts like these aren’t hurting matters. The Lord works in mysterious ways, eh? I’m thinking about establishing a charitable foundation for future donations of this sort — maybe Thad’s Ticket Trust. If you feel the need to rid yourself of the burden of tickets to interesting, entertaining, or enlightening events, give us a call. We’re hear to lighten your load.