Now hear this…

I’ve been tracking the hits on the site a little lately, and the numbers are a little surprising. Turns out it’s not just me and three other people who read this stuff. The thing is, I don’t know who you are if you don’t ever comment. The site is getting between 30-100 times as many hits each day as there are comments. I’m curious who’s here. I know a few of the regulars, especially the ones that post or email me, but there appears to be a silent throng of millions who remain in the shadows. Well, maybe not millions, but at least a silent throng of 107 today. I’m not sure I know that many people, so naturally I wonder who’s showing up here. For instance, someone found me by punching “Thad Amy Aiden” into google. Who are you?

Here’s my request: If you read, comment once in a while, at least to just let us know who you are and that you visited. If you have some moral objection to commenting online, just send me an email. You don’t have to do it every time; I just want to know you’re out there.

8 thoughts on “Now hear this…

  1. Like the photo. Enjoy the comments. Suggest for people to visit every chance that comes along. May the loving Father bless you and keep you as you walk in His ways.

  2. I’m your brother. I was never good enough to get a bio write up, so I didn’t think I needed to make myself (or my thoughts) known.

  3. Yes, yes. I feel much pity for the Invisible Brother. It’s not like I gave a “visible” deadline for sending those bios in or anything, and it’s not like you just ignored that deadline until after I posted everyone else’s bio. It’s not like that.

  4. Now that you’ve got an RSS feed, could be your hits are way up because of people like me who’s feed aggregator hits your site on a regular basis to see if it’s been updated?

  5. be careful with that hits counter thing. i got into that last year with my site, and it was like porn (can i say that here?). next thing you know, you’ll be googling “thad norvell” or “homeanywhere” or “thad’s awesome site” or whatever. it’ll get ya.
    just looking out for you.
    i think it says somewhere in the Rockin’-Awesome Extreme Teen Study Bible: “woe to you when many people hit your website, for this is how their fathers treated the dot-com upstarts that went bankrupt in the late 90’s.” something like that. so don’t be fooled.

  6. I have been waiting for something insightful to add to the conversation. I still seem to be waiting. I guess I have been one of those that regularly visit the site in anonymity. Thad, keep sharing your gifts. Your musings do a lot of good for people regardless of the whether or not we reply.

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