First the fake tan, now this…

I’ve been pretty clear about my reticence to enthusiastically support or even pay much attention to the major party candidates in this (or most any other) election. That’s still true, but some pieces of truth are so transcendent that they simply must be acknowledged, yea, even exalted.

This is one.

War, taxes, rights, corruption…on these things we can afford some flexibility. Throwing like a girl, not so much.

So begins my journey toward the first Tuesday in November. I’m not sure what I’ll do that day, but I can now conclusively mark Kerry off the list.

4 thoughts on “First the fake tan, now this…

  1. that settles it, I’m voting for Perot! wait, is he running this time? scratch that, I’m voting for Will Ferrell. he’s my favorite Bush.

  2. This is one of the many reasons Kerry will not be getting my vote. Don’t try to be a football fan when you not one. Everyone knows that you don’t say “I’m for Buckeye football” when in Michigan. 8^)

  3. I now understand why I am in the minority in academics. Liberals can’t throw the football. I can throw a football; therefore, I am conservative. Wow! Thanks Thad…my whole world is more clear now.

  4. Watch out now. Texas Tech is always looking for receivers. Maybe Kerry has eligibility left. Or maybe he did have it and was glad about it, but doesn’t want it anymore.

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