world on fire

Check this out.

I’m not nominating Sarah McLachlan for sainthood or anything, but what she’s done here is admirable. Yeah, yeah…the cynic in me has all sorts of “buts” and “we’ll sees” locked and loaded as I watch this kind of thing, but the bottom line is that she made this instead of a three minute mini-movie showing some tired, soulless lust story between her and a male model. If you’d rather see that than dying kids with dark skin, dial 1.800.EverythingonMTV.

I’ll just hope Sarah’s motives are what they seem, and God bless her for trying, especially if she can become an impetus for upside down values among people who have more than they need and keep more than they should (and I am talking about the rich and famous, but I ain’t just talkin’ about the rich and famous). This video isn’t just about the money entertainers spend. It’s about the money I spend and the money you spend. It’s about what sort of answer we’ll be trying to scrape together on That Day when we’re asked what we did when we saw folks who were hungry and thirsty and homeless and naked and sick and in the joint.

World Vision
Voice of the Martyrs
Compassion International
Doctors Without Borders

Here are the lyrics for the song, World On Fire:

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