New photo albums to the right

One thing I haven’t figured out is how to put the photo albums in the order I want on this page. No matter what I do, they just line up how they please. You can figure that part out yourself.

2 thoughts on “New photo albums to the right

  1. Thad, I was looking at your strapping boy and noticing the Norvell in him and reflected that it is kind of odd that he also looks so much John Corbet (pronounced KOR-BAY)at a young age and that Corbet’s big role was as “Aiden” while one of Carrie’s men on HBO’s lewd comedy ____ and the city.
    also i think nader can still win the election and is there a way to further a political spiritual debate on this website. i now we spoke a aolt when the war began but then you kept raising your child and moved (selfishly) away from me to Texas.
    I digress. we should stop the war. and not elect Bush or Kerry. Take 10% of the Pentagon budget and pay the living wage of $10 an hour.
    war jim rome
    im out

  2. gosh you guys are adoreable. your son is so cute! you have so much to be thankful for.

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