Peace out, PA

We’re packing the car and pointing it south in an hour or two. I had designs on a more thoughtful post to commemorate our departure, but the tyranny of the urgent opposed my best intentions with great force. I’ll wax eloquent later, and maybe even blog a bit as we travel. For now, I’ll say a simple goodbye to the Keystone State (after three years I still don’t know what it’s the key stone for) and to all who dwell within its borders.

On to the Republic.

4 thoughts on “Peace out, PA

  1. Take care and best wishes. I hope your return to the promised land is full of blessings and that you find what you’re longing for within its borders.

  2. Sorry, no Cincy this trip. It was an “almost,” but we had other obligations on the VA/TN route. Also, you and your wife are vacating at the point we’d arrive, goober.

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