I am not a Republican

I’m not. As I mentioned before, I find myself with less of a political orientation all the time. I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with people all over the ideological map. I often think the Christian Right is neither and that the Secular Left is both. But that’s neither here nor there.

What I know is that Michael Moore has suddenly risen to hero status among many of my generation who have become disenchanted with the machine. I understand that inclination, as I have no use for the machine myself. Moore seems like the perfect unlikely hero — a white guy against all the white guy causes who also happens to be unkempt, witty, and…well, fat. I’ve seen his first film, Roger & Me, and it was smart and funny.

Now comes Farenheit 9/11, the cinematic outworking of his 2003 Oscar rant at the current President. Apparently he’s blaming everything from 9/11 to the Kennedy assasination on the Bush family’s secret alliance with the Bin Laden family (oversimplification intentional…I assume it’s about more than that). And people are eating it up, of course. My favorite pub bit so far is the TV ad I saw last night which explained that F-9/11 is the only film in the history of Cannes to receive a twenty minute standing ovation. Stunning. Who would have guessed an anti-Bush reel would be so warmly received by a room full of rich French elites and Hollywood types? Tough crowd.

Anyway, Christopher Hitchens can handle this all far better than I can, and he’s done so here: The Lies of Michael Moore. Read it. Hitchens is a writer without a filter, and he’s also well left of center on virtually everything. The most scathing critiques of Bush political policy I’ve ever read were born at Hitchens’s keyboard. This ain’t Rush Limbaugh picking at a liberal. Not even close. This is a serious liberal (former Socialist even) completely exposing Moore’s theatrics for what they are — theater.