This may sound like name-dropping

…but I’ll live with it. That’s not really the point of my post, and hopefully you’ll believe me. If you don’t believe me, just remember that I’ve never revealed the name of the supermodel I dumped to marry my ultra hot wife.

(I should clarify that the supermodel part is a joke. An average guy wouldn’t have to clarify something like that, but I know some of you might think I actually dated a supermodel. I didn’t. No, really. I didn’t.)

Anyway, my good buddy Michael Armstrong (whose website I would link to if he had visited it himself in the last ten months) is on the road playing acoustic guitar and keys for a new country artist named Julie Roberts. Her debut album released this week, and I’ve added it to my collection (and to my album list on the right). I’ve probably bought five country cds in the last five years, but I really like what I’m hearing so far. She’s the real deal — a smoky, soulful voice singing songs without a lot of the glitz and cheese that make most modern country go down like a shards o’ glass freeze pop.

Oh, she also looks more like Faith Hill than she probably wants to. You might think that’s a stupid thing to say, and in most cases it is. Being gorgeous doesn’t tend to be an obstacle for people in our skin-deep culture, least of all folks in the celebrity business. I’m just guessing Julie doesn’t want to be taken seriously as a country singer because she looks like another famous country singer. She’s got the goods musically, and some folks may never discover that because they’ll look at her and assume she made it because she blonde and beautiful. That said, she probably made it more easily than she would have if she looked like this girl:

[NOTE: I’m not endorsing; just stealing their glamour shots.]

Anyway, check out the album if you’re interested (you can get it for about $8 most places), but I mainly want to say congrats to Michael for landing this gig. Michael knows that I don’t care if he’s ever famous, but I’m glad he’s having fun doing what he does best.

Also, if you’re interested, CMT is launching its new series, In the Moment, Friday night by telling Julie’s story. They’ll also be on Good Morning America next Tuesday and on Leno Thursday, June 10. I’m sure Michael (who actually resembles the hogwild girl a little) will pop up on one or all of those.

8 thoughts on “This may sound like name-dropping

  1. First things first name dropper.
    Armstrong could only look like that hogwild chick with Tammy-Faye’s makeup artist…
    However, that hogwild girl gets her mustache waxed and she might just be the spittin’ image of smanny.
    Peace in the hood.
    Warren Schmidt

  2. I tried, Thad, really I did. You said you’re not one to dismiss whole genres of music but I’ve always said I can’t stand Country music. I gave it a listen with an open mind but I just couldn’t enjoy it. It’s kind of like my wife with coffee… no matter how you dress it up she’ll still taste the coffee and she’ll always not like it.
    I don’t doubt she is a very talented individual. I respect Country music for a lot of reasons but it’s a style and a culture that doesn’t connect with me.
    I wonder what music the hogwild girl listens to.

  3. So, I’m confused. You’re saying the hogwild dude is not Michael Armstrong?
    Oh, btw, thanks for the reco on the shards o’ glass pops. I like those a ton better than the old brand I used.

  4. after watching about 20 minutes of the CMT thing, all i can say for sure is that i’m glad that i’m not talented enough to be famous. as far as i can tell from the show, being famous absolutely sucks. absolutely. plus you gotta put up with lots of self-important dweebs. that’s all i have to say about that.

  5. Let me say that I was more than a little disgusted by the record execs. Seriously, it makes me thankful to have the vocation that I do (which is saying a whole lot).

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