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InAmericaposterThe next time you’re wandering around Blockbuster wondering if there’s been a worthwhile movie made in the last ten years, walk on past the latest offerings from Steve Martin (who just ain’t the same), Eddie Murphy (see Steve Martin), and Ben Affleck (who, let’s be honest, is just lucky to be Matt Damon’s friend) and pick up a copy of In America.

Despite critical acclaim and several awards (including three major Oscar nominations), you may have never heard of it. That’s mostly because there’s a conspiracy in Hollywood to get you to spend your money on really bad movies that eat away at your brain and act like novocain for your soul. I’m not some film elitist – I watch my share of stuff that leaves me feeling stupider than I was two hours prior. But I’m trying to watch less of that, and I’m urging you to do the same. So give this one a shot.

As I recently told a friend (as I was recommending this movie), I think taste in movies is one of those things that can jeopardize your pride a bit, especially when you’re willing to admit you really hate or really like something. But what’s pride to me anyway?

Amy and I loved In America. It’s a story about a young Irish family who moves to Hell’s Kitchen (one of the few areas of NYC I’m mildly familiar with) in the early 1980’s looking for a new start. It’s deep and sweet and sad and funny and all different kinds of emotionally brilliant. The writing is superb, and all of the major performances are outstanding. Djimon Hounsou could probably stand in the middle of the frame and read from the Wall Street Journal and he’d be riveting. He’s one of those unique figures whose presence on screen changes a film. And it’s pretty rare that I’m truly affected by a child actor, but the two girls in this film (who are actually sisters) are extraordinary…utterly captivating.

8 thoughts on “Do yourself a favor

  1. Crap Thad, you’ve written such a moving critique everybody’s speechless.

  2. I agree with the “crap”, but only in regards to most of the films I’m fortunate enough to view. Most of my time is spent in other oblious endeavors, but now and then I’m able to catch a flick–that particular name almost makes it sound a little on the porn side, you think? Well, some movie content does molest the grays now and then.
    What you have caused, Mr. T, is a need to spend a $50 bill to go see this sensation just to have piece of mind. You want a real topic? What about the price of pop corn and drinks? They’ll upgrade that for just fifty cents more. See you at the movies and talk back afterwards. This better be good!

  3. By-the-way, “Dad Leaving for Work” hits an emotional twang. Love the love while you can; it goes fast. What would God do if we were to hug Him every time He goes to work?

  4. By-the-way, “Dad Leaving for Work” hits an emotional twang. Love the love while you can; it goes fast. What would God do if we were to hug Him every time He goes to work?

  5. The good news (for your bank account anyway) is that this one is already on video. That should be less than five bucks damage rather than half-a-hundred.

  6. Thad, is that banner pic the Champs Elysees in Paris? sure looks like it. can i just ignore you topic for a second and brag? thanks. well, i’ve driven around the Arch de Triophme which is at the center of all that driving madness and believe me, it really looks like that. that’s no time-photo, that’s how fast those frenchies drive! AND the fact that there are no real “lanes” on that road. you find a place to drive your car, it’s yours. of course, i had to become like the French in order that I might reach some…of course.
    oh yeah, i’ve been wanting to see “In America,” i just haven’t been able to get to it. Keep promoting good stuff (like my big word?) like this. And maybe you can start mocking movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” next. The title alone is mockable. Oh the humanity!

  7. Julius – You’d know better than I would if that photo is some place Frenchy. I just grabbed it somewheres.
    I have a mocking post brewing in me, though I don’t think “Day After Tomorrow” needs my help. The mockery of other things will surely appear soon.

  8. Thad, the wife and I saw In America this weekend. Great flic…thanks for the heads up.

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