Did I mention this whole banner-making/-changing thing is one of my favorite little features of the new setup? I’m not exactly sure why I’m appeased by such basic stuff, but I am. I make these from photos and other art I accumulate, and I know there are a few amateur photogs in our midst. If you have something that you think will look slick, zip it my way and I’ll give you props if I use it. And I know that’s what everyone really wants — props on the new blog.

2 thoughts on “Bannermania

  1. At first, I thought this topic would be about how churches go nuts over those banners at the front of the sanctuary.
    I’m not sure where I am on that issue. Much thought required…

  2. If I were maintaining the blog, the banner would most likely take most of my time. On the opening banner, the descending center stripe was inviting. I treasure the thought of leaving here . . . and . . . here–Brownfield and earth. I actually think more of leaving earth than I do leaving Brownfield, which is strange. The mountains lure me spiritually (If what I think I saw didn’t exist on the banner, just allow me the courtesy of thinking they were there, please). The mountaintop experience isn’t what you may think, it involves the clouds rolling over the tops of the mountains. WOW!! Today’s banner is just as thrilling. Sunsets and sunrises: reminders that first thing in the morning, God is with us and last thing of the day, God is with us. (When I typed the last repetitious thought, the fact that I’m repeating myself struck me. It’s Saturday morning, May 1st already, and only a little after 8:00 AM although your time on this page reads “1:00 PM”. So I repeat now and then for emphasis and what ever other reason that flies through my cranial cathedral, think how much of your daily time is spent in repetitious acts or thoughts. See, see!). As for banners in front of auditoriums? Why would we pull all those little tikers down front and wave our arms wildly about while singing “There’s a flag that flies . . .” if we didn’t want banners? God uses them. Remember the pillar of fire? The angel before the donkey? What about the finger that wrote on the wall? And God Himself going before the people as if to say, “Look at the sign, people. Look whose coming. Pay attention to this!” Maybe just a little different type of banner, but hey, expand a little, OK? And don’t think there wasn’t a banner attached to the vail in the temple reading “HIGH PRIEST ONLY / ALL OTHERS USE MESIAH”. That’s why they were so upset when “Mesiah” came and spoiled the exclusive rights only thing. Look throughout history. Isn’t the exclusive entry thing THE issue? Besides, the banner in the auditorium isn’t as much a controversy as the banner I want to place over the entrances to the auditorium. Pause, pause, pause Ok OK I’ll share it with you. You twisted my cyber limb. ENTER EXPECTING A MIRACLE. I guess that’s just toooooooooooo extreeeeeeem. Cold days, hell, freezing . . . same issues as exclusive entrance. In the meantime, I’ll just sit and take in the m—–e of such beauty in the sunset/sunrise on the banner and ponder at the m—–e of salvation and thank God quietly for His m—–e of the day at hand or the day at Hand. (By the way, J.A.P. comes from J. Alfred Prufrock which comes from the poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” which comes from T.S. Eliot which is one of my favorite writers. Just thought you might like to know that it isn’t a racial slur or anything like that. No, I wouldn’t do anything like THAT, would I? No. Besides, I only know of two races, creeds, nationalities, etc.: Believers and those who don’t. That uncomplicates life quickly.)

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