Who are you? Sound off.

It’s time for all the regulars to reveal your true identity. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I keep forgetting when I’m actually at the computer. If you’re reading this (and especially if you ever contribute to the graffiti in the comment sections), send me an email with the following data:

  • Name

  • How you know me (if you do) or how you found us (if you don’t)

  • Personal info like marital status (and spouse name), kids, education, career, and age (feel free to approximate if you’re sensitive about such things)

  • Why you bother hanging around here

  • Anything else interesting about you worth saying.
I’ll give you a few days, then I’ll put it all together and unmask everyone. If you’re a regular and you don’t send anything in, I reserve the right to submit your life and person to creative editorial embellishment at my leisure.