I recently read on someone

I recently read on someone else’s blog a list of things you should and shouldn’t do on your blog. Among the suggestions was “Never post to say you don’t have time to post.” I think I’ve done that. That, in part, is really why I started to post tonight. That I’m getting sidetracked from my inability to post and am going to actually end up posting notwithstanding, I just want to officially serve notice that I don’t buy into anyone’s rules about what I can and can’t, should or shouldn’t do on my blog. The very existence of those rules proves: (1) that someone doesn’t understand the fundamental premise of a blog, and (2) that someone besides rk and ct has way too much free time. I mean, why have a blog if you can’t reign freely as the sovereign tyrant of your own little corner of cyberspace? Rules? Please.

All that said, I just want to say that it’s cool that the faithful handful of you still check in despite my woeful inadequacies as sovereign tyrant over the past few months. I am resolved to restore this once proud page (well, for a day or two anyway) to lively discussion and ridiculous musing. It just probably won’t happen today. But don’t give up.

In the meantime, bat this one around a bit. James Brown – Godfather of soul or jackass who screams good?