I recently read on someone

I recently read on someone else’s blog a list of things you should and shouldn’t do on your blog. Among the suggestions was “Never post to say you don’t have time to post.” I think I’ve done that. That, in part, is really why I started to post tonight. That I’m getting sidetracked from my inability to post and am going to actually end up posting notwithstanding, I just want to officially serve notice that I don’t buy into anyone’s rules about what I can and can’t, should or shouldn’t do on my blog. The very existence of those rules proves: (1) that someone doesn’t understand the fundamental premise of a blog, and (2) that someone besides rk and ct has way too much free time. I mean, why have a blog if you can’t reign freely as the sovereign tyrant of your own little corner of cyberspace? Rules? Please.

All that said, I just want to say that it’s cool that the faithful handful of you still check in despite my woeful inadequacies as sovereign tyrant over the past few months. I am resolved to restore this once proud page (well, for a day or two anyway) to lively discussion and ridiculous musing. It just probably won’t happen today. But don’t give up.

In the meantime, bat this one around a bit. James Brown – Godfather of soul or jackass who screams good?

Apparently all of this veiled

Apparently all of this veiled talk about mega-churches and golden grahams is confusing people. There are pleas for me to publicly clarify what in the world we’re talking about. Sorry folks, I have a family to protect. The machine is bigger and badder than you might think.

For those interested in what

For those interested in what Smanny mentioned in the comment section of the last post, here’s a story about the film Primer, which just won big at Sundance. Shane is the older brother of a guy many of us know, Caleb Carruth. Curiously, Caleb is also the key figure in the previously mentioned mega-church mishap which I’ve declined to rant about here. Maybe someone should make a film about that mess. I’ve already written half the script.

In case anyone wonders, I

In case anyone wonders, I have no control over the little ads at the bottom of the comment pages. It’s the new incarnation of our old friend Bandit, the ad robot that hung around before I started paying blogger to not have ads at the top of my page (which by the way, I don’t actually do…pay, that is. They have my credit card information and they’re giving me the pay version of the software, but they never charge me. I’ve done my part to pay. I don’t know why they won’t take my money. I guess it’s just a privilege for blogger to have me blogging with them. Oh yeah, I don’t do that either…blog, that is.) Anyway, the folks at haloscan decided to start running ads at the bottom of their comment pages. I guess that’s their prerogative. I don’t pay them either. Still and all, we can do without the ads about the girls who like other girls. I’m not kidding. Here’s a screen shot Book sent me from when he left a recent comment (you’re looking for the ad at the bottom). Don’t ever accuse me of not fostering diversity on my blog.

And yeah, I’ll try to make it a real blog again soon. I can’t promise I’ll pick any more fights with America’s third favorite mega-church or its SBC President CEO though. I may be all spent on that one. Besides, I don’t really need to give their intelligence agents any more material for my file. If by some chance God likes what they’re doing over there, I’m already toast. No need to make hell any hotter.