For those who are wondering,

For those who are wondering, the first Tyson picture is legit. He showed up at a Lakers preseason game with those Free Kobe signs. Imagine what Kobe must have felt when he looked up and saw Iron Mike there campaigning for his freedom. Justice comes in all sorts of funny little packages. I wonder if it occurred to Mike that he was holding up signs urging the freedom of someone who is free enough to be on an NBA sideline. Yo Mike, he is free. I also wonder if Mike realizes that stunts like this make everyone all the more sure he’s guilty of his own crimes (pick one). What innocent person immediately jumps to the defense of someone else accused of a crime they very well may have committed? Actually, I don’t wonder those things. After all, Mike’s IQ is 17. Anyway, Matt doctored the original photo and sent me the IQ version. I liked his work and had him put together the one in Mike-bonics.

And, if you haven’t seen Mike lately, no one doctored his face. Apparently his unblemished record of pathological behavior didn’t make him seem like enough of a psychopath on first glance, so he had some tattoos added to his mug. This way, if you see him on the street, you’ll immediately know that he wants to eat your children instead of having to get to know him to find that out. Fo thizzle.