Game 4: Marlins 4, Damn

Game 4: Marlins 4, Damn Yankees 3

He may be a horn and a Yankee, but a tip of the cap to Roger Clemens at the end of a brilliant Kareer. There’s not much worth exalting in pro sports these days, but the show of respect from the Marlins team and fans as Clemens left the game tonight was something special. I’m still a football and basketball fan too, but I think baseball is the only one of the big three that has maintained any consistent hold on respect and class. Yeah, they’re millionaires and there are plenty of jackasses carrying bats, but there is still a prevailing level of sportsmanship that you don’t find anywhere else.

Hey, hey, hey…. Happy trails

Hey, hey, hey….

Happy trails to Fred Berry, better known as Rerun on What’s Happening!! and What’s Happening Now!, who checked out today at age 52. (I’m slightly disturbed to discover Rerun was only a year younger than my Dad, by the way.) I spent more Saturday evenings than I can remember winding down after long days of street football and assorted mischief watching (ahem) reruns of Raj, Dwayne, Dee, Mama (who I don’t think had a real name), Shirley, and Rerun. I know those shows probably catch flack for perpetuating some stereotypes, and maybe deservedly so. But count me as one white boy who credits a small piece of his cultural appreciation to thirty minutes a week with these folks…

Anyway you cut it, Fred lived quite a life. I’m not sure he ever took the red beret off, and I saw him doing that dance on TV not too long ago. He battled through drug and alcohol problems in the 80’s and eventually became a Baptist minister (let’s maybe leave that one alone). The tale of the tape also shows he may be the only man alive to have been married six times, but to only four women. Have fun with that one.

Memo to the Folks at

Memo to the Folks at Subway:

We get it. Jared isn’t so fat anymore. Enough already.

Did anyone else notice they’ve changed their pitch to, “Have a Subway for lunch, and you can cross dress and eat deep fried pork drippings the rest of the day?”

Apparently the “If you’re a 750-pound tub, you can lose weight by eating dry lettuce sandwiches on whole wheat every meal for the rest of your life” bit wasn’t playing so well. Shocker.