This is too much. I

This is too much.

I have a stat service that tracks how many hits I get on this site as well as providing me some other useless information. One thing it tracks is “referrers,” or what websites send people to my site. I don’t get many of those because most of the traffic here is primary traffic, meaning you all know about the site and come straight to it instead of seeing it linked somewhere else. Most of the referrals I do get are from search engines after someone takes a wrong turn in looking for real information. The stat service will actually tell me what the search terms were and what engine referred the poor soul to this site. I’ve seen some that were interesting, but this one is by far my favorite so far….

If you run a yahoo search on “rappers outfits,” my site is the fifth hit on the list. I’m not sure if it was from this post or because this site is just generally off the hizzle.