Let me preface this by

Let me preface this by saying that I’m neither happy nor amused that this guy got chewed up by a tiger. It’s tragic and sad. I mean that. However, it never ceases to amaze me how easily we’re amazed by stuff that shouldn’t amaze us. What’s amazing, really, is that it took forty years for one of these big cats to get fed up with being dragged around on a leash by guys with fifteen hundred dollar hairstyles and too much makeup. A tiger is a tiger is a tiger, and I’m relatively confident that God didn’t make them to live and work on a stage in Vegas. I’m just as confident that God didn’t make humans to live in community with wild animals capable of biting them in half. Again, what happened to Mr. Roy is very sad, but sometimes this stuff satirizes itself. What’s sadder — that the tiger fought back or that this guy thinks the chief end of his life is to live in harmony with Mother Nature by doing yoga with white tigers who prefer their meals bloody and raw? Both are tragedies, but I submit that the latter is of greater eternal significance than the former.

(….chalk this one up as an attempt to squeeze out a nomination for PC blogger of the year.)