This afternoon I start what

This afternoon I start what has every likelihood of being a wild journey. I’ll drive to DC tonight, then tomorrow my cousins Grant and Matt and I will continue the trek to Blacksburg, Virginia for the Thursday night ESPN game between A&M and Virginia Tech. Grant graduated from VT in May, and we’d planned several years ago for him and his buddies to come down to Texas for last year’s game at Kyle Field. Those plans were foiled by our move north, but we quickly added this year’s game as a replacement (albeit a feeble replacement for the Kyle experience). What we didn’t plan was Hurricane Isabel, who is angrily making her way toward the east coast. Current projections have her blowing through Virginia on Thursday and Friday, which should make the game a wet, windy mess at best. Yummy.

The projected swath of Izzy’s mayhem and our route:

We’ll do our best to avoid becoming the stars of the World’s Most Dumbest Sports Fans or Amazing Rescues (of the stupid people who ignored all warnings of death and destruction and drove headlong into a hurricane).