Another late night trip to

Another late night trip to the local Wal-Marks yielding more fresh observations and grousing (about things which may or may not be the fault of Wal-Mart)…

There were more shopping carts than cars in the parking lot. A lot more. Like three or four times more. I had trouble finding a place to park because of all the carts. I actually got out of my car and moved one so I could get in a space. It’s understandable though. Those eight (really) employees sitting out on the benches in front of the store had better things to smoke…er, do. [This one is Wal-Mart’s fault.]

Go to the store and try to buy regular Ritz crackers. I counted nine different varieties of Ritz product on the shelf with not a single box of regular, old Ritz crackers in sight. Remember the good old days when you could just go to the store and buy yourself some Ritz crackers? I don’t eat Ritz crackers, but come on. [This one is not Wal-Marts fault. They sell everything made everywhere, so blame this one on the cracker makers.]

What the dealio with everyone being all tattooed up? Tats on the arms, tats on the legs, tats on the necks and backs. I think I was the only one in Wal-Marks without a drawing of a scorpion or thorn bush or barbed wire or naked lady or butterfly on my body. And then there’s my personal favorite – Chinese words. Come on redneck/frat boy/gangsta – you aren’t fooling anybody. You can barely string together a sentence in English. Nobody’s buying that you speak Chinese. [This one may or may not be Wal-Mart’s fault.]

U2 is clearly the best band ever. [I was listening to Rattle and Hum in the car on the way there and back. This one is not attributable to Wal-Mart in any way.]

There was more, but my brain just shut down. More later.