Okay, this may be better

Okay, this may be better than my Webster dream. Gary Coleman is running for governor in California. Now, come on. Could you have ever imagined that you’d witness a gubernatorial race that featured Ah-nold squaring off against Arnold whatchu-talkin-bout-Willis Drummond (squaring off against Gallagher) anywhere but on Saturday Night Live? It’s really happening.

…which just proves my theory: people in New York and California are nuts.

Most days I miss home.

Most days I miss home. This is one of those days that I don’t…

After sweltering through a record high temperature on Wednesday, Dallas-area residents braced for a double dose of misery today. “We are once again the bulls-eye for the heat, with temperatures 105 to 107 degrees across North Texas,” said WFAA-TV (Channel 8) meteorologist Steve McCauley, noting that the region is also the target of a level red air pollution alert.