Okay, so here’s the deal.

Okay, so here’s the deal. Blogger (the platform for this site) doesn’t currently offer its own comments feature. The service I’ve been using is an independent platform run by some guy somewhere. Unfortunately, it has begun to prove itself unreliable. That’s what “Closed for Maintenance” means, for those of you who have asked. I’d complain a little more, but it’s free. There are other services out there, and I’ll probably switch over to another one soon. I don’t want to do that until the current service is revived, primarily because I want to recover some of the old comment conversations and save them for posterity (I’m a verbal packrat that way).

I’m also holding off on a pending real post until the comment situation is resolved. As much as I enjoy having this format to spout off, I value the response and interaction just as much. If I post now, my readers (all three of them) will find themselves bewildered and utterly lost without a venue for feedback. I’ve already cooked up some good stuff, and I’ll get it up as soon as it’s prudent. The “some guy somewhere” comment dude indicated he’d fix things last night. He didn’t, but I’m hoping that it will be resolved soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your browsers refreshed.

While you wait, say howdy to my favorite t-sip…

(Maybe this is the “some guy somewhere.”)