Random thoughts to end a

Random thoughts to end a long day…

Don’t trust Amazon. I’ve been compiling a very long list of books I’d like to eventually add to my personal collection by adding them to my Amazon account. Today I logged on to add another book (Everyday Apocalypse: The Sacred Revealed in Radiohead, the Simpsons & Other Pop Culture Icons by David Dark, a recommendation from my friend Amanda Leggett) and my entire list was gone. Just gone. Lousy corporate machine. I think I’ll shop elsewhere for a while (a decision I’m sure will devastate Jeff Bezos’ and his shareholders’ lifestyles).

Has anyone else noticed the ad at the top of the blog for Lionel Richie’s Truly cd? I’m wondering if that’s just an odd coincidence or if some robot reads my blog and customizes the ads to whatever nonsense I type.

I watch MTV very rarely, but I’ve seen the show Punk’d a couple of times lately. Pretty funny. It’s Ashton Kutcher’s version of the Jamie Kennedy Experiment except he likes to punk his celeb friends. Any program capable of humiliating a Backstreet Boy can’t be all bad.

I bought the Switchfoot album The Beautiful Letdown the other night. It had been highly recommended by a couple of people, including my baby brother, Britt, and I found it at Walmart for eight bucks. It’s one of the best rock’n’roll albums I’ve heard in a while.

Check out Rudy Carrasco’s blog, Urban Onramps. I don’t know Rudy, but I’ve enjoyed reading his blog for the past month or so. After just one email exchange, he was kind enough to put me on his blog roll, which is pretty cool. He is associate director of Harambee Christian Family Center in Pasadena, CA. Harambee provides afterschool, summer, and teen programs for African-American and Latino children and youth. In 1996 Christianity Today named Rudy and his wife, Kafi, to their list of fifty evangelical leaders 40 and under to watch. I’m watching.

Aiden turned seven months last week, and he’s more alive every time I look at him. As a result, I’m more alive every time I look at him. I also love my wife more every time I look at Aiden.

Good night.