Somebody needs to pass Bonnie

Somebody needs to pass Bonnie Bernstein a clue. Did she really think Roy was going to respond any other way? Ridiculous. I’m sure some folks will whine about the language, but who can blame the guy? Good for him for expecting a little decency and niceness. I wonder if some of these reporters actually trade in their consciences for a microphone and a can of hair spray.

Props to Boeheim and his

Props to Boeheim and his youngsters. I tried to warn people this could happen. Roy’s boys made a valiant effort at getting back in the thing, but they waited too long. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worse non-Shaq free throw exhibition, and I can’t understand why they weren’t shooting threes. But Syracuse is fo’ real. Gerry McNamara is a local kid who I watched on the news all season last year as he led his high school team to a state championship. He could not miss from downtown in the first half. The Scranton folks are dancing in the snow tonight.